Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Goodbye Park City...

...still colder in my house than in Park City, but hopefully will have heat by the the meantime, here's a few photos to keep you warm...

Park City after the fun is over...peace and quiet at 5am waiting for a shuttle to the airport.

Sleeping on the plane. Hats are great to pull down over your eyes and block out the world. Gotta give JD the credit for that!

Can't wait to do it again next year!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Fest Wrap Up?

Well, I'm back in the ATL and freezing my @ss off!

We got home last night and noticed that the house seemed colder than it should, even though I turned it down to 55 before I left. A few hours later, it was still damn cold...the heater is blowing cold air not hot and I can't get a repairman out til tomorrow.

So JD & I are huddled around a heater that toasts one room up nicely...

Anyway, I'm also really, really sleepy since I seemed to get little sleep while in Park City, and will be posting my final thoughts, observations, party gossip, film gossip, and pictures sometime later today or's hard to type when your house is sitting at 32 degrees.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


This is a brilliant Japanese film....I hope we can get it in Atlanta. It's incredible filmmaking.

Taking a nap now...the adrenaline pass and all these damn late night Signal screenings are killing me.

I have 3 more movies today....must pack at some point...leaving tomorrow early...

another great review

Friday, January 26, 2007

Protagonist...and my rant on the indie state of mind in GA

What a wonderful film. Great characters...very interesting concept. Jessica Yu is branching out and doing a narrative comedy...can't wait to see what she does next.

I keep meeting kids on the street that are jazzed about The Signal screening...we screen Friday and Saturday night...should be a great crowd. More on that tomorrow.

The weather has been fabulous this week. It was cold as well, Alaska in summer, the first week, but the snow is melting and I'm without hat, gloves or a scarf til after sunset. JD hates it cause he's boarding on ice instead of powder.

Half the kids went skiiing/boarding today and the other half are just hanging around chillin'. It's been a great overwhelming week...and a successful week for us.

I just hope that someone starts taking indie films seriously in Atlanta. If you are an your homework...don't give your money to people with no track record, no skills, no story...but there is talent here and you need to seek it out.

It's high risk, but it can pay off if you invest in the right people...our investor is now a millionaire...he didn't make his money back on the first's a long term investment...3-5 pictures...but it can pay off if you do your homework and find people with skills.

I hope that The Film Office, GPP, WIF, and other non-indie organizations will start to understand if our industry is to not just survive, but to THRIVE...we need to nurture and support the filmmakers of the future. We need to pass our knowledge on, train the next generation...or we will be as extinct as the dinosaurs.

And filmmakers...learn your craft, respect the arts, and don't ruin the hard work of those that came before you...filmmaking is a privilege, not a right. You have the right to do it, but unless you understand it's a privilege and a lifetime learning curve, you will never have true success, freedom and happiness doing it.

Friday - just two more days left

Off to see Jessica Yu's new doc Protagonist. Should be interesting.

The Signal plays at midnight tonight in Park City, and again tomorrow night at midnight. Should be interesting to see how the crowds react.

I have a meeting with a distributor today for the Tibet movie...wish me luck.

Salt Lake City Premiere

The whole gang loaded up in every available car and drove into Salt Lake for out premeire there.

Sold out, wait list again, which was great.

Good crowd. Lotsa people freaking out, although a little less crazy than the first screening. It's still fun to hear the grown man behind you moan and scream and say things like 'oh no, god no'. Another guy in the audience had one of those totally freaky laughs like he had lost his mind to the Signal.

Great Q & A too.

Saw more great movies today...
Eagle vs. Shark was pretty funny and endearing.
On the Road with Judas was structurally interesting.
Starting Out in the Evening was a good character study.
Buried Dreams was a beautifully crafted French film.
And, of course, the Signal rocks.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lionsgate's acquisition of Fido

What a great polar opposite of The Signal. Just a wonderfully funny zombie movie.

In store for only 3-4 hours of sleep before a 5 day to bed/

Lots of star sightings by the way...they are a virus. ;)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thoughts of the first photos finally!

I got 13 hours of sleep last night...awesome.

I got up for an 8:30 am film, then stayed awake until the midnight Signal premiere, then partied after the sale at the condo, had breakfast with Alex, AJ, Justin, JD, Pete, Mark, and Dan. They all went to bed and Mark and I toughed it out. I was off to Broken English with Parker Posie. She rocked it out. Then off a panel on Doc funding, then another one on doc funding. Great panels, but of no use to me unfortunately. Then off to the new Hal Hartley film, Fay Grim. Totally off the hook. Not anything that I would expect from a Hartley film. Mystery, thriller, fast moving and over the top. It was awesome. I then went to dinner at 412 Bistro again. I love that place. We're eating there every other night.

Then I posted all those photos and went to bed at 9:30pm....woke up at 10:30 am this morning. I felt good, refreshed, ready to conquer the world.....ready to see movies and actually write up a blog.

Wow...Sundance sure is different this year. Last year, I came out with no agenda, just to hang out and absorb the craziness.

This year, I'm with a film that just sold to Magnolia for over $2 mil, so says Hollywood Reporter.

The messed up part is that it doesn't actually mean I get into parties. I forgot The Great World of Sound pary, which blows. I really like the director, Craig Zobel, and Melissa. I can't believe I wasn't there. I saw the director earlier and congratulated him, and sent them both e-mails, but it would have been good to show up and say HI. Bummer. I suck. I also never received the invite from Effie, so I missed that party too. Oh well.

I'm seeing lots of great movies.

Joshua was insanely freaky. Another Magnolia purchase. Creepy stuff. This was hitchcockian in nature with a bit of Damian thrown in. The kid was awesome.

Hounddog, the Dakota Fanning rape was really overblown. The movie was actually quite heavy...Crystal-like actually. Her performance was brilliant.

Khadak was an amazing foreign art film. I loved it.

You want to know more about these...go to and read all about them.

I gotta tell ya, we're all overwhelmed, shocked, thrilled and crazed that the Signal sold here literally right after the screening.

Here's what you want and don't want at your screening....

If a distributor walks out and keeps walking, you're screwed. But if they walk out, then walk back in, then walk back out again, over and over again...they are making phone calls....they are figuring out what to do with it...they are getting everyone on board for a sale.

I was getting text messages about the first reviews about 3:30-4:30 am...about the same time that Alex, Jacob and our investor were signing on the dotted line. The reviews freaked us all out...I mean, damn...does it get any better than that?

Shortly after, I was getting calls to come out to the condo. JD & I, as you know, are in a love shack right on main street, and the kids are all out around lot G, near the Prospector. The buses weren't running anymore, so we hoped in a cab and headed out to the condo. Our sales reps and the Magnolia guys were all there to celebrate.

Everyone was drunk and having a good time. We all actually watched the Academy Awards announcements together at 6am.

That's when the party finally broke up and we all went to breakfast.

It's pretty overwhelming for the boys...selling this film, getting approached by agents and managers, pitching their movies. I know, I mean, what, are they complaining...hell, no, but you gotta imagine, this is pretty crazy. We're all just trying to remain calm and appreciate what we all did together...cause it's really about the collective and what we have in Atlanta, that is special to this place...our Dailies collective. We are a team and we all will keep making amazing movies in Atlanta, together.

Look out Hollywood, the Hollywood of the South has finally been recognized.

ATL folks...

A few more photos for you...

More reviews...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Boys on Stage

Photos at Q & A after premiere.

photos and more photos

Magnolia Films snags The Signal

The rumors are true and we couldn't be more crazed with excitement. I love Magnolia Films, Tom Quinn and all the guys that made this happen.

Oh yea, and this photo is of Bobb and JT, not the Magnolia guys.

Now..seriously, I'm going to bed.

no sleep til brooklyn

Didn't get to bed last night and stayed up watching movies all day.

More on the Signal tomorrow, but check out the rumor mill....interesting and exciting things happening at sundance.

The first review is in...Signal could be a hit!

Directors on stage

The Premiere PARTAY

Vokda, tequila, beer and wine...salmon, asparagus, puff pastry, other yummy stuff...

ATL is seriously representing out in Park City...more photos tomorrow...I've got tons to post...

We sold out the theater and had a line wishing and waiting...

I've got tons of photos from inside the premiere as well...

It was an amazing screening...

The audience freaked...they got signalized...

It's 3:30am and talks might be talking place...

I've got a 9:30am movie...

Georgia Film, Video and Music Office represents

eagle vs shark

pacman attack, anthony hopkins and that guy from requiem for a dream

crazy things happen on the streets of park city

Monday, January 22, 2007


Things are crazy today as we gear up for the premiere.

We're shooting Transmission 3 tonight at our party at the
Airbourne Lounge on Main Street.

I've got to sell some tickets for this afternoon, so I'm off to find a buyer.

Hopefully, I'll get some great photos of the party and of the premiere.

Stay tuned.

Of yea, the Doc Commissioners meet and greet....great opportunity, but sadly, I've got feature length films. Most were looking for hour long programming and funding and licensing deals not really at the level I need.

More later....

THE SIGNAL video blog from Sundance

Here are the links...wish I could post them here...

You can also find these on

more vlogs to come later...

Eddie Murphy sighting...I got photos!

I just finished an interview with a college station and I'm walking back to the condo to finish a bio, and I look over and there he is trying to hide. I crossed the street and was walking about 20 feet ahead of him, trying to I cheese out, break my own rules and take a photo? Then the paparazzi came running at me, so I grabbed my camera and popped these photos.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dude, Where's my Budget?

Another great panel...but as I write this JD and a few friends just crashed into the condo for I must be a good host.
More later if I have time.

Tomorrow I'm headed to a doc funding panel which should really be awesome.

Doc Panel with Fest Programmers

Panelists...Cara Mertes (Sundance Doc Film Programmer and Moderator), Phoebe Brush (Full Frame Fest), Sean Farnel (Hot Docs Film Fest), Patricia Finneran (AFI/Silverdocs), Tiziana Finzi (Locarno Film Fest), Maxyne Franklin (Brit Doc), Beth Janson (Tribeca Film Fest), Thom Powers (Toronto Int'l Film Fest).

This was a great panel for me, considering my focus has always been on narrative fests, not doc fests. I took lots of great notes about each fests deadlines, content focus and the programs that they offer for doc filmmakers.

After the panel, I was able to target certain fests that were still considering films for this year that matched my content.

I was able to pitch and then give a copy of "Sacred Sites", the Tibetan film I'm trying to sell and get out there, to Sean at Hotdocs in Toronto. How exciting. I was more than willing to send him a copy of this fest, but he wanted the film NOW. And I just happened to throw a copy in my bag before I left the house this morning. So, he's walking around with my film and business card in his bag and I'll follow up in a week.

I also met the programmer and head of Silverdocs/AFI. The focus of their fest this year is politics and religion. Perfect for my movie. I pitched it to them and will follow up after the fest as their deadline has not passed yet. Perhaps I can send it to them without paying if they are interested enough in my follow up pitch.

Panels are so incredible this way. Always take advantage of panels at festivals and conferences. Don't ask ego centric questions, just listen and absorb. Then pick a few people on the panel you wish to speak to. Get their cards and follow up with them.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Inside the party...

Dave Brucker...Director Transmission 1

Jacob Gentry...Director Transmission 2

JD Taylor...Associate Producer with Jacob and one of the leads AJ Bowen

JD, Dan Bush...Director Transmission 3, Alex and AJ

Filmmaker Magazine party

Graphic at Sundance stuff...

Ski lodge and slopes at 8am

Filmmaker Magazine party...inside and out...cast and crew...more star sightings too, but no photos...Steve Buscemi and Sam Rockwell

star sightings...P. Diddy and others...who isn't here?

P. Diddy on Main Street... Where's the photo you ask? I just don't care enough to take photos of him...but everyone is here.

Laura Linney, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, P. Diddy, Gina Gershon, Anthony Hopkins, Tony Robbins, Christian Slater, Geoffrey Gilmore, Paul Rudd...and I'm sure more plenty more...starting to get crazy up in here!!!

The Savages and Tuli

Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney star in this funny, touching and sad story of a self absorbed brother and sister who must come to terms with themselves as they are forced to care for their estranged elderly dementia suffering father.

Great writing...some fabulous dialgoue like "We're not in therapy right now, we're in real life". I wish I could remember more, but this film is sure to hit the box office soon. Keep an eye out. A really well told story by Director Tamara Jenkins, who also directed The Slums of Beverly Hills.

Also saw a Phillipino Film called 'Tuli'. Interesting story and good acting, but the video would have been better served if they understood how to make video look more filmic. Shot on film, it would have really brought out the cinematic beauty of their surroundings.

On lunch break...more later...let's hope for some good parties tonight. According to our group, the PBS party was awesome with fantastic food, but the Frontier party was kinda lame....then they all crashed while...

JD, Michael McReynolds, his brother and I went to the midnight screening of We are the Strange. All animated in every possible way you can animate from anime to stop motion to claymation to stuff I don't even know how to describe. Very bizarre movie. Not even sure if I like it or not. I'm glad I saw it, because there is nothing in the world like it and this guy is certainly ahead of the curve, but the story was whack!! It was like watching animated Beckett...I have no idea what was going on in that movie.

Looks like it might snow...overcast and cold...

Friday, January 19, 2007

My first actual party... SXSW !!

I met up with Alex and the Directors this afternoon...they were on interview #7. Haven't seen them since.

But, while I was with them I hooked up with my friends Alexis and Nikki, and actors AJ Bowen, Scotty Poythress, Claire Bronson, and Chad McKnight from The Signal and we headed over to the SXSW party.

I introduced myself to the programmers. One of them, Matt Dentler, publishes a blog on indieWire, so it was good to finally meet him. I've been to The Austin Film Fest with my short Petunia, but never SXSW...someday....

Ran into Pete Ballard and Mark Wynns of Lab 601, and Brian Newman, who used to be the Executive Director of IMAGE Film and Video Center. I stayed in a condo with Brian last year.

Anyway...the party. Great food, lots of liquor (if you like that Hypnotic stuff), and a fun crowd. I finally got to meet Morris, The Signal's sales rep. Great guy and looks a lot like Bob Saget.

I bailed early and missed going with the group over to the PBS party, but JD & I had dinner reservations at my fav restaurant at 6:15, so off I went to meet up with him.

When I checked my e-mail, I found another party invite...this one for another Sundance film with Georgia connections. The Great World of Sound produced by Melissa Palmer and Directed by Craig Zobel. I'm hoping to get a ticket to their movie, but at least I'll get to hob nob some more. Their film is also repped by Cassian at William Morris, which means this party will be full of "somebodies".