Friday, January 26, 2007

Salt Lake City Premiere

The whole gang loaded up in every available car and drove into Salt Lake for out premeire there.

Sold out, wait list again, which was great.

Good crowd. Lotsa people freaking out, although a little less crazy than the first screening. It's still fun to hear the grown man behind you moan and scream and say things like 'oh no, god no'. Another guy in the audience had one of those totally freaky laughs like he had lost his mind to the Signal.

Great Q & A too.

Saw more great movies today...
Eagle vs. Shark was pretty funny and endearing.
On the Road with Judas was structurally interesting.
Starting Out in the Evening was a good character study.
Buried Dreams was a beautifully crafted French film.
And, of course, the Signal rocks.

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