Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh the Parties...

Last night was the Slamdance Party.

Someone said, 'You don't have to be on the list, you can pay $15 to get in".

One thing I know...if there isn't a really large guy blocking your entry, standing next to a hot chic with a clip board, it's not a party worth going to! Let me put this another way, usually, when anyone can get in, anyone does. And when anyone can get in, the people who are "someone" aren't there. Sad, harsh, but true. And I need the "someone" to fund or purchase my movies.

So, I decided to stay in and get some sleep. Of course, I didn't sleep well at all for some reason...perhaps I was over tired from not sleeping the night before.

JD met up with The Signal kids and headed out to the party. About two hours later he showed back up and I got the real story.

There was a big guy, a hot chic, a clip board and a list. And he wasn't getting in. Only Alex, the Producer, and our three Directors were getting in. But then Alex popped his head out and got JD Taylor, our Associate Producer (and my man) and one of our lead actors, AJ, into the party. Boy does it help to have a sales agent. Morris, from Shoreline, had worked his magic.

JD didn't last long. His first party just didn't live up to his expectations.

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